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5 easy tips to recover your lawn after Summer

30 April 2015 Landscaping / Autumn / Summer

Has Summer left your lawn looking a little worse for wear? Autumn is the perfect time to give your lawn a facelift after the hotter weather, but we know that most folks think it’s going to take a lot of sweat and hard earned cash to breath new life back into a stressed lawn. Fear not, all it takes is our 5 top tips for your Autumn lawn resuscitation:

1.  Give it a longer haircut

Longer grass makes better use of the less sunlight available over the cooler months, so now is the time to raise your mower height, and mow that baby a little higher. It’s a good idea to not go any shorted than approx. 5cm.

2.  Give it a breather

Aerate your lawn with a pitchfork or spiked roller. Summer rain combined with hot days can leave your soil pretty compacted, which does nothing for drainage or allowing water and fertiliser to get to the roots.

3. Give it a decent feed

Give your lawn a decent feed to prepare it for the cooler weather, and help it grow thicker grass and a strong root system. Spreading a good quality, slow release fertiliser like Titanic Organic (low odour), or straight up chicken manure will have it sorted.  

4. Give your lawn a regular drink

Who doesn’t enjoy a regular drink? Consistency is the name of the game here, so aim to water your lawn approximately every second day for 15mins.

5. Rake up any leaves

Be sure to rake up any leaves because they’ll block sunlight, leaving you with very uncool brown patches.

So there you have it! Give our top 5 tips a crack and let us know how your lawn goes.

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