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5 easy ways to transform your home with decorative screens

11 NOV 2016 Landscaping

Don’t have the big bucks to update your home? We’ve got 5 fast and easy ways you can add style and enhance your existing spaces and landscaping for less.

1. Transform boring spaces into feature walls of art  

No need to have a creative eye for style and design - decorative screens make indoor and landscaping styling easy. Simply place screens along bland fences and walls (indoor and outdoor) to create a captivating wall art feature.


2. Shield your patio from prying eyes

Turn your patio into a private oasis, where you can feel comfortable enough to use it to it’s full potential.

Block out your neighbours with privacy screens so you can relax and enjoy meals with family, drinks with friends, or walking around naked - whatever floats your boat!


3. Turn outdoor play areas into sun safe zones for your kids that actually look good

Protect your little ones from the scorching sun by creating shaded play zones without sacrificing style. And because they’ll be out of the sun, you can keep them playing (and not bothering you!) for longer. Winning!


4.  Hide ugly features

Turn lemons into lemonade by covering air conditioner units, bins and other landscaping eyesores with a well-placed panel.


5. Pimp your bathroom

Skip the expensive bathroom renovation, and add style and warmth to a clinical bathroom with a modern design screen.

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